30 Days of Inspiration: Day Four


The idea behind this project was simple: Create something new for 30 days, mostly in video form. I wanted to see what would happen when creativity was stirred up, and then shared.

The other day I woke up and my mind immediately went into hyperdrive and the “Gotta do” list was unleashed.

“I gotta move on with my life … ”

“I gotta write more today …”

“I gotta move back to Maui …”

“I gotta get it together …”

There was more, but then I thought: Who is telling me all these “gotta do’s?”  Clearly, it was me, but what aspect of me? Certainly not a ME that was centered and still. Certainly not a me that was kind and compassionate. And certainly not a me that was patient.

So, right there, in my slightly manic state, I sat down and made a video. I think that became DAY TWO of this series. Immediately, my entire being shifted. By stepping into a playful place of possibility and creativity, I felt more at home with, well, me.

When we allow ourselves to play around in possibility, magic happens.

So … onward. Day Four. Enjoy. And send me some of your positive quotes and ideas to greg@gregarcher.com.



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